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About me

I apologise for the quality of the videos on this page, my camcorder was faulty and not writing correctly to tape most of the time, but I have used the best footage I have, not perfect, and stills, to create a record of the holiday, as something is better than nothing.
We flew in to Ho Chi Minh City, and stayed at The Grand Hotel, which dates back to the French colonial period, although it has a modern high rise extension. The city has a nice colonial area, and everywhere much building is going on. We arranged two tours once we arrived, one to the Cu Chi Tunnels in the morning and a city tour in the afternoon, with a lovely lunch in the city to experience quality Vietnamese food.

The second tour was a full day one to the Mekong delta, where we saw various local crafts and industries, including bee keeping and honey production, and coconut sweets. It rained on and of most of the day, we were given plastic capes by our guide, very fetching!

We then flew up to Hoi An to stay in a resort hotel near the city. Hoi An is a lovely old backwater of a town, full of tailors who will make clothes to measure and also copy anything you want. 
We continued up to Hanoi, where we had a quick look at the old town, and had an overnight cruise in Halong Bay, a fabulous experience. The boats,operated by Indo China Sails,  are exceedingly well appointed and the food is terrific.

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