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We went to Rome in a snowy January here in England, and found it was merely raining in Rome. Our hotel was well placed in the central Via Del Corso, where we could get to most places just by walking, and we found we were almost equidistant between the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. The city is a joy to walk around, although the cobbles are hard on your feet, so wear something comfortable, as there are fascinating buildings, and even antiquities, at every turn.  Also the side streets might be narrow and cobbled, but they are rarely pedestrianised, so keep an eye open for cars.
Walking roughly south down the Via Del Corso, you reach Piazza De Venecia, housing the tomb of the unknown soldier and a museum, beyond that is the Roman Forum, with the remains of the ancient city, and beyond that again, the Colosseum. The video aside has pictures inserted to show the buildings as they once looked, as well as how they are now.

Walking roughly north west, and crossing the River Tiber at Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II, brings you to St Peter's Church and the Vatican City. Alternatively, cross at Ponte Sant'Angelo and have a good look at the Castel Sant'Angelo. We did a tour of St Peter's with a guide, went up to the dome, and also the full tour of the Vatican Museum, including the Sistine Chapel. The artwork in the Vatican Museum, is truly amazing!

The restaurants solved the problem of the chilly night air and any rainfall, by having sturdy umbrellas outside, along with patio heaters, and it was quite pleasant to eat outside. The various monuments, churches and fountains were floodlit, and the whole place looked really romantic at night.

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