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About me

The Last Hunt?

Rather to my surprise my anti hunting husband wanted to visit a local Hunt meet on the Boxing Day 2004 which was the last 'normal' Hunt before the ban took place. I took along my camcorder (as you do) and made an informal record of the event. 

Requiem for Concorde

Ever since the withdrawal of Concorde from service was announced by British Airways,  I had an urge to make my own personal memory of an airplane I'd always admired, though never traveled on. A 'Requiem for Concorde', a montage of film of her life, set to music. The day of the last British Airways flights had plenty of footage on the TV, but still I needed some suitable music. 
Then a guitarist friend of mine sent me a piece of music played by him and arranged by a friend of his, a version of the classical Requiem. I thought it was an ideal match, and this is the result.

A Captain's Memories - I rashly volunteered to make a film record of my husband's year as Golf Club captain, 2003/04, and this is the film of his 'inauguration', the Captain's Drive-In, which will be the intro to the main film.

My son has played clarinet since he was 8, with various school, uni, and local concert bands. I went along to one Christmas concert with his current band, Bagshot Concert Band, and two cameras to film it, and this is an excerpt.

A great day out is the Steam Fair that comes annually each summer to Knowl Hill. I took the camcorder on one visit. The fair attracts a lot of steam engines,  vintage vehicles and motor bikes, it has steam driven organs, one providing music for a dance troupe, who got my husband up on stage to Can Can with them, and a great funfair.

A trip to Cyprus about 10 years ago. We stayed in a mountain top village, Pissouri, near the south coast. We played golf in nearby Secret Valley, and drove to Paphos and Ayia Napa at opposite ends of the island. We went again in 2009 and I may add some film in later, but found it to be much more commercialised, built up, and, thanks to the Euro, expensive.

We have a time share in a narrowboat and have had two holidays so far. A dedicated page is available for this holiday, but this is a rather tongue in cheek film I made for an online competition, it's called 'Chill out' on the Canal, but in this film, there were almost no chill out moments, it's all go!

My son has an aircraft engineering degree, and if funds allowed would love to learn to fly. He has had one lesson so far, from a friend who is now with British Midland, so has given up instructing, naturally enough. He had a couple of other friends along with him, one using my camcorder and the other his digital still camera. This is the shortest of the films I made for him from the footage. 

We've been to Las Vegas twice, so far, and this film was made after the second trip, reflecting on the changes since the first, and using some footage from both visits. As they don't like you filming in the gaming rooms (although I was allowed to keep the small amount of film I had taken) I used a few bits from an advertising video to do the final montage.

We  toured central California in Autumn 2007, and the films are available on the California page,  I also made this documentary for the club competition about the Redwood trees. 

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